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Penalties – Performance Management

Language Empire takes all cancellations by our linguists very seriously as this lets down our Customers and the non-English speaking service users who need the services of an Interpreter.
Under this cancellation policy, the following will apply:
Should you accept an assignment with Language Empire, you must ensure you are able to complete this assignment. Where you contact Language Empire to cancel an assignment, which you had originally accepted, the following penalties will apply:

1) For all bookings cancelled with more than 10 days’ notice, there will be no penalty charge applied.

Any cancellation + More than 10 days’ notice provided = No Charge

2) Where a cancellation is made with less than 10 days’ notice provided and the reasons given are deemed acceptable, and evidence has been provided, you will be charged the amount payable to you for the booking, according to their band rate. For example:

The cancellation penalty will be minimum 1 hour of the band rate you are on. So for example, if you cancel a booking, and you are Band 1, the penalty will be £18.00 or £17.00, (Even if the booking duration was 2 hours and 30 minutes).

Acceptable reason + Less than 10 days’ notice provided = Charge at Band Rate

3) For a Non-acceptable reason for cancellation, with less than 10 days’ notice provided, you will be charged £35.00 as a set penalty.

Non-acceptable reason + Less than 10 days’ notice provided = £35.00 Charge

For a range of acceptable and non-acceptable reasons for cancelling bookings, please see below:

Emergency Doctors’ appointments Not receiving payment
Emergency Hospital appointments Lack of transport
Emergency appointments Forgetting appointments
Infectious disease Oversleeping
Serious health risk/problem Getting dates wrong
Breaking down (on route) Double booking
Child or Dependant Illness/issues Checked job sheet and venue is too far


Any acceptable reasons will require “evidence” before any cancellation is authorised in the system. Only once this evidence is provided or an acceptable timescale agreed for evidence to be sent, will the system allow for authorised staff to cancel the interpreter off the booking.

For genuine valid reasons and last minute unforeseen circumstances, which may not be listed above, or if you have evidence for your cancellation, you should contact one of our Operations Team Manager (OTM) or Linguist Relations Manager (LRM). They will then make a decision as to whether your reason is acceptable or not and will decide upon the penalty to be imposed against your profile.

Please note that all final decisions are made by an OTM or LRM and will not be raised for further consideration after this.

Should you have the name of an alternative, qualified and suitable interpreter, you should inform a Customer Account Manager of this person where they will make a decision whether they can be used. If the linguist you provide is used, your penalty may be removed, this is at the discretion of either a LRM or OTM.

Where you regularly cancel assignments with Language Empire, this will be logged against your personal profile and could affect the amount of assignments offered to you in the future. We will regularly monitor this against your profile in order to continue to deliver a high quality service to our Customer organisations, the Professionals who need to use the service of an interpreter for their non-English speaking patients / clients.


If an assignment is cancelled by Language Empire, giving you less than 2 hours’ notice;

  • Language Empire will only pay a minimum 1 hour cancellation payment if the assignment duration is less than three hours.
  • For any assignments over four-hour duration, Language Empire will pay for half the duration.
  • If the cancellation notice is given more than 2 hours’ in advance, no cancellation payment is payable. You will be informed of any cancellations through one or more of the following platforms; SMS text, email, telephone, voicemail message or fax.

If you arrive late to a booking, a fixed penalty of £5.00 will apply. Where you arrive considerably late to a booking and the booking does not take place and/or the non-English speaking patient/client has left the venue, a fixed penalty of £25.00 will apply.

We do take into consideration genuine unforeseen circumstances, providing you have given the company satisfactory evidence to prove your circumstances, we will remove the penalty. If you are traveling via public transport, we do require you to plan your journey ahead of your assignment and ensure you leave more than enough time to arrive at your assignments.

If we receive a complaint from the service user or customer Language Empire does not charge the customer for the booking and you will not receive payment for the assignment from which the complaint was received

If you are booked for an assignment and you fail to attend without informing Language Empire a £50.00 penalty charge will be imposed against your account. Where there are no payments pending on your account, the penalty will be collected via appropriate legal channels.

We do take into consideration unforeseen circumstances. Providing you have given the company satisfactory evidence to prove your circumstances we will remove the penalty.