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Upload Jobsheet

By email: *scan your job sheet and any public transport receipts and email them as an attachment to

*We need a clear, legible copy of the signed job sheet, as the signed job sheets are sent to the customer with our invoice. If your job sheet is not legible, it will be rejected by our job sheets processing team.

By Freepost: Post job sheet to the following address. Please always keep a copy of your job sheet in case it is lost in the post. RSJS-YULH-SHLZ, Language Empire, Finance Department, Deeplish House, 174 Milkstone Road, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 1NA.

The Job Sheet Process

We would like all interpreters where possible to submit and return completed job sheet(s) via:

Upload online via the linguist hub: *scan your job sheet and any public transport receipts, then go to and click on the “Quick Upload – Job Sheet” section and follow the upload wizard to submit your job sheet.

All job sheets must be submitted via the linguist hub, we will not be expecting job sheets via email or post. However, if they are received via these methods, then the following charges will be applied from 01.04.2017:

Why we are doing this?

We are trying to create efficiencies within the organisation and this includes reducing internal resources for the time taken for manual processing of administration tasks. We are genuinely taking into consideration the financial benefits for our interpreters and this will in return create savings which we would like to pass onto interpreters by increasing the rates of pay to interpreters which is scheduled / estimated for 01.04.2017.

Your job sheet will now be processed as follows:

  1. Your signed job sheet will be sent to the service user (professional) via a secure link and or the customer can log into their LE-LSM™ account to verify;
    1. Your times and total duration with the service user (professional).
    2. The professional’s signed confirmation.
  2. Once confirmed / verified by the service user (professional), we will process and complete the payment calculation of your booking(s).

You will receive individual emails for each booking, confirming your job sheet has been successfully processed and the payment amount which you will be paid.