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CIoL – The Chartered Institute of Linguists

Ever since its foundation in 1910, the Chartered Institute of Linguists has gathered more than 6,000 members (Fellows, Associate Members and Members). The Institute protects the rights of professional linguists from all over the world and it is involved in language-related issues at an international level. Membership is open to all linguists regardless of their country of residence and applications can be sent starting with the 1st of September.

Membership of CIOL offers the practising and aspiring language professional a range of benefits and services which will enable you to raise your professional profile, support your professional development, provide access to valuable information and tools and connect you with other linguists through our member networks.

As a professional member, Associate, Member, Fellow, Chartered Linguist you will be able to use the designatory letters FCIL (Fellow), MCIL (Member), ACIL (Associate) plus CL for members who are chartered. Membership will inspire trust and confidence in your clients, employers and your peers and the designatory letters are a public badge which states that you meet CIOL’s rigorous criteria and standards for best practice in the use of languages professionally.

For pre-professional members (Student, IoLET and Career Affiliates), your membership illustrates your commitment to your professional development and will indicate that you are on the pathway to professional membership and chartership.

All members are entitled to receive a digital Member logo, which states their grade of CIOL membership. This can be used on websites, social media pages, CVs, email signatures and business cards.

In order to apply for membership, please click on the link below:

Claiming back costs of becoming a member

Most people don’t know that they can reclaim tax on their memberships.

You can reclaim tax you pay on fees or subscriptions to some approved professional organisations – but only if you must have membership to do your job or it’s helpful for your work.