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Mobile Apps User Guide

The LENET mobile apps (iPhone & android) have been developed for interpreters to facilitate their routine work. The apps give interpreters the ability to:

  • Get instant alerts for new bookings.
  • See all available bookings and register their interest.
  • View upcoming bookings assigned to them.
  • View their profile information.
  • Request to update their profile information and change email preferences.
  • Give their feedback regarding apps and suggestions for improvements.

Once you download and install the app from the given link, you will need to sign in. Once you sign in, the app will keep you signed in until you explicitly choose to log out. You will continue to receive ‘’New booking’’ alerts as long as, you are signed in, you have an internet connection and you must also ensure that your push notifications for the app is on.

When the app starts up, you will be able to see a login screen. Here you need to enter your ID Card Number, Email, Mobile Number and Surname as shown in the image below. Then click sign in. You are not required to enter these details again, as your credentials are stored in the app, unless you explicitly choose to log out.

After logging in, click the menu button at the top to view all the available options. Here you will find “Available Bookings”, “Booking Calendar”, “Profile”, “Settings”, “Feedback” and “Logout” as shown in the image below.

The bookings list will show you all the available bookings. These bookings are relevant to your postcode and language(s) stated on your profile. Here you can find the option to submit your interest by selecting the individual bookings you are interested in. As shown in the image below.

The Booking calendar will display any upcoming bookings assigned to you. By clicking on the bookings, you will be able to view the details such as; venue address, date, time and other information as shown in figure-4.

Here you can see your profile information as shown in the image below.

Here you can find the option to update your email notification preferences. You will also have the option to request for any changes you would like to make to your profile as shown in the image below.

Here you can submit your feedback about any bugs or suggestions for improvement in the application. See image below for detail.

This option will allow you to logout from the application. Once you log out, the application will not remember your login information therefore, you are required to input all your credentials again to receive ‘’New Booking’’ alerts.