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Tel: 0330 20 20 344
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Dear Applicant,

Re: Security Clearance – CRB Disclosure

In order to comply with Recruitment Empire’s registration process you will be required to undergo

A Standard CRB Check every three years. We recommend using APCS who can obtain this disclosure for you. All Recruitment Empire candidates must provide a standard CRB clearance as a minimum at the time of registration or an equivalent check.

Recruitment Empire is the dedicated HR organisation for the following companies;

Language Empire Ltd
Translation Empire Ltd
Carers Empire Ltd
Consultancy Empire Ltd
Training Empire Ltd
Printing Empire Ltd
Technology Empire Ltd
Empire Group UK Ltd

If You hold a current valid CRB:

Please note if you currently hold an Enhanced or Standard CRB check or an equivalent check from another agency or employer we may be able to accept a copy of this. A copy will be accepted on the basis that it has been processed in the last 12-18 months. Please return a full copy of this with your application form.

If you have any enquires regarding this please contact the recruitment department on 0330 20 20 344 or email

To apply for an Standard CRB Disclosure:

Contact APCS via telephone on 0845 643 1145 quoting “Recruitment Empire”.

(APCS website is

You will be required to give the following details:

  • Full name including middle name/s
  • Full address including postcode.
  • Telephone number
  • Date of Birth

How it works?

You as the candidate will contact APCS on 0845 643 1145 and quote ‘Recruitment Empire’ to the operative and state you would like to apply for a standard DBS check. The operative will then give you a unique ten digit number that is unique to yourself and a website for you to use this unique number. Once on the website and logged in you will be prompter to fill out your personal details. Please be sure to have your passport and driving license present as well as your debit or credit card. The cost of the DBS is as follows:

Standard DBS Cost – £26.00

ID Checking at PO (Verify Service) – £31.20  

Total £57.20

APCS will validate your application form and contact you should there be any errors or omissions to your form. Once validated, APCS will forward your application onto the CRB within 24hrs. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) will check your details against the Police National Computer (PNC). This will show any criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands and/or warnings, or confirm that you haven’t got any. The children and vulnerable adults barred lists will also be checked.

At the end of the process two copies of the Standard Disclosure certificate is sent. One copy is sent directly to you at your home address, the other copy is sent to APCS, who forward it on to Recruitment Empire as part of your subscriber requirements.

For any freelancers currently claiming job seekers allowance, we suggest taking the letter accompanied by the forms from APCS to your job centre advisor and ask for a “CRB disclosure voucher”. This covers the cost of the CRB element and in some circumstances they will cover the full costs.

Please address all queries to APCS and not Recruitment Empire or any of its group companies, as we will have no information on the progress of your application. Should you experience any problems with APCS, please contact our Recruitment Department on 0330 20 20 344 or send an email to


Recruitment Empire