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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Section Information
Course Name: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Course Code: Deprivation_of_Liberty_Safeguards
Course duration: 60 minutes
Course introduction: The Mental Capacity Act: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards procedure (MCA DoLS) provides the legal framework to prevent unlawful deprivation of liberty occurring to particular vulnerable people living in hospitals or care homes.
Course objectives: This course will enable you to know:

  • What the deprivation of liberty safeguards are
  • The background and the law to the safeguards
  • Who the safeguards apply to
  • What deprivation of liberty is
  • When a person can be deprived of their liberty
  • The difference between restraint and deprivation of liberty
  • Situations which can lead to deprivation of liberty
  • Strategies to help prevent deprivation of liberty
  • The process of identifying risk and requesting authorisation
  • The ‘standard’ and ‘urgent authorisation process
  • The requirement to keep good records
  • The six assessments
  • The role of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate
  • What happens when the assessments are completed and the requirements are not met / met
  • The relevant person’s representative
  • Authorisation and review
  • Applications to the Court of Protection
  • The role of the Care Quality Commission
  • Unauthorised deprivation of liberty

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