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Domestic Abuse

Section Information
Course Name: Domestic Abuse
Course Code: Domestic_Abuse
Course duration: 90 minutes
Course introduction: Domestic abuse is a serious and widespread problem which affects nearly 10% of women and 5% of men every year.
In this course you will learn who is at risk and how the law can help. You will also learn about domestic abuse from the perspective of both the victim and the perpetrator.
Course objectives: This course will enable you to:

  • Know what domestic abuse or violence is
  • Understand the nature of domestic abuse
  • Know who is affected
  • Learn how the law can help victims of abuse
  • Know what the police can do
  • Learn about the range of situations victims might experience
  • Understand the effect the abuse can have
  • Learn how victims think about their abuse and the abuser
  • Know the effect it can have on the children living in abusive households
  • Understand why victims sometimes don’t leave
  • Know what victims need to feel so they can leave abusive relationships
  • Learn how you should deal with victims of domestic abuse
  • Know the risk assessment tools available to help you make decisions about managing risk and increasing safety
  • Learn about the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference
  • Learn about the role of the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor
  • Learn about what abuser’s think
  • Learn how the abuser sees the world
  • What who is responsible for abuse
  • Know what treatment is available to abusers
  • Learn how abuse can be prevented

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