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Equality and Diversity

Section Information
Course Name: Equality and Diversity
Course Code: Equality_and_Diversity
Course duration: 60 minutes
Course introduction: Inclusion means a focus on ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be engaged and involved in mainstream community life – whether it be education, employment or community involvement.

Prejudice means holding an unfavourable opinion of someone based on stereotypes or ignorance, and without any knowledge, thought or reason. We all have a duty to challenge prejudice even if this means questioning our own beliefs.

Course objectives: In this course you will:

  • Explore how you can improve your own practice to promote inclusion
  • Define what inclusion means in terms of equality and diversity
  • Recognise how to promote an inclusive approach in every aspect of your work
  • Identify why it is important to challenge discrimination and prejudice
  • Explore the Index for Inclusion
  • Know the difference between prejudice and discrimination
  • Know why children are discriminated against
  • Understand what anti-discriminatory practice is and why it is important
  • Recognise ways you can improve your own behaviour and practice to promote inclusion and challenge prejudice

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