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Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

Section Information
Course Name: Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery
Course Code: Human_Trafficking_and_Modern_Day_Slavery
Course duration: 01 hours 15 minutes
Course introduction: Discover what modern day slavery and human trafficking looks like, with this comprehensive collection of courses. You will also learn about child trafficking and slavery, how to spot the signs of modern slavery and what you should do.
Course objectives:
  • In this course you will learn:
    • What modern slavery is
    • Some of the key pieces of legislation dealing with modern slavery
    • The main ways in which victims are exploited
    • The differences between human trafficking and migrant smuggling
    • Why it is so hard for a victim to escape
    • Who the traffickers are
    • The definition of child trafficking
    • The main ways in which children are exploited by traffickers
    • The main indicators that a child is or might be a victim of trafficking,
    • How to respond if you come into contact with a child who is potentially a victim of trafficking
    • Spotting the signs that someone might be a victim of modern slavery
    • The broad indicators that a child might have been trafficked
    • How to get these potential victims help and into the National Referral Mechanism
    • How the National Referral Mechanism works

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