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Information Governance

Section Information
Course Name: Information Governance
Course duration: 120 minutes
Course introduction: This engaging Information Governance course will help to ensure that all people working with sensitive and personal data are aware of their responsibilities under law to keep that information safe and secure.

It includes:

  • Data Protection Law, Definitions and Principles
  • Information and Cyber Security
  • Freedom of Information Act

The course will explain how, when and to whom information can be given or withheld.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be automatically awarded a certificate containing the course name, completion date, CPD hours and learning objectives.

Course Objectives: Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • The GDPR and the new Data Protection Act
  • The key differences between the current data protection regime and the new one
  • The primary aim of the new legislation
  • Who the legislation applies to and how they will be affected
  • What is meant by personal data and special category data
  • Why protecting personal data is important
  • What the core data protection principles are
  • The improved rights for individuals
  • The new conditions for consent
  • Who administers the penalties
  • The importance of keeping data secure and what needs to be protected
  • The main threats to data and data systems
  • The basics of cyber security
  • Key steps to keeping data secure in the workplace
  • How to protect information whilst working on the move
  • The importance of keeping data secure
  • The principles and purpose of the Freedom of Information Act
  • The key terminology associated with the Freedom of Information Act
  • What a Freedom of Information request is
  • What information can be requested and what information is exempt
  • How and why a refused request decision can be challenged

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