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Managing Conflict – Childrens Workforce

Section Information
Course Name: Managing Conflict – Childrens Workforce
Course Code: Managing_Conflict_-_Childrens_Workforce
Course duration: 60 minutes
Course introduction: Practitioners will have to manage a series of complex and sometimes difficult relationships every day, not only with children and young people and their parents, but with other professionals.
Course objectives: In this course you will:

  • Learn the reasons for conflict within and between agency teams
  • Learn a strategy to resolve conflict
  • Learn how to respect individual differences
  • Learn how to avoid becoming entrenched in a fixed position
  • Recognise your own behaviour in conflict situations
  • Understand Berne’s three ego states
  • Recognise the ego state you may tend towards
  • Know the best ego state to achieve in order to avoid conflict
  • Understand the types of difficult behaviour people display in order to gauge which approach to take

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