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Stroke Awareness

Section Information
Course Name: Stroke Awareness
Course Code: Stroke_Awareness
Course duration: 01 hours 15 minutes
Course introduction: 150,000 people have a stroke every year in the UK, and it is the third leading cause of death.

This course is split into two interactive and engaging modules, focusing on the identification of stroke and how to prevent it, and the recovery and care process after a stroke. After completing this course you will be confident in identifying when a stroke has happened, the different types of causes, symptoms and prevention methods. As well as having a thorough understanding of what the recovery and care entails.

Course objectives: In this course you will learn:

  • What a stroke is
  • How to identify and respond to a stroke
  • What a transient ischaemic attack is
  • The risk factors for a stroke
  • How to prevent a stroke
  • The importance of specialist stroke care
  • The common effects of a stroke—physical, mental, and emotional
  • The ways in which a carer can act to minimise the potential dangers to a stroke survivor that result from these effects
  • The specific medical professionals who can help with these issues
  • Some of the resources available to stroke survivors and their carers

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