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Mental Health Terminology Websites


This section has been put together as a source of information on Mental Health and terminology for all interpreters. It includes links to websites of different organisations as sources of information.

Wales Mental Health in Primary Care

Mental Health terminology in Primary Care



Overview about rights under the Mental Health Act, including terminology


Black Country Partnership, NHS Foundation Trust

Understanding Mental Health Jargon- Glossary and Abbreviations explained


Mental Heath Foundation

A-Z of Mental Health terms



Terminology used to describe people with Mental Health problems


Stanford Children’s Health

Glossary of Child and Adolescent Mental Health—child-and-adolescent-mental-health-90-P02566


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Glossary from Common Mental health problems: identification and pathways to care


Mental Wellness Today*

A to Z definitions of terms, disease and treatments related to mental health


National Institute of Mental Health

Mental Health Glossary- Schizophrenia and recovery after an initial episode


Healthy Surrey

A to Z of Mental Health


World Health Organisation Geneva 1994

Lexicon of Psychiatric and Mental Health terms;jsessionid=78E64BE29DF298AEC64727A8F692D0D5?sequence=1


North East London- East London and The City

Glossary of Mental Health


Department of Health

Words in the Mental Health Act Code of Practice


American Academy of Pediatrics*

Glossary of Mental Health and Substance Abuse terms- Pediatrics



Any sections with an * mean the websites are not UK based- they have been included for information purposes only.